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Here we go
So, the site is up and working, and i'm trying to get around to adding some real content here.
Moving house and other life changing events have had me busy, but i'll get this all looking lovely very soon :)
08 Jun 2005 by Blue Hyena

Welcome to The Blue Hyena.

The site will be updated in the near future with more artwork and mask commissions. In the meantime please feel free to peruse the gallery via either the Masks or Art links.

A short movie has also been added, a improvised documentary which can be found in the media section.
21 Feb 2005 by Cenobite

Phased Go-live
Website now linked into domain name and is effectively live.

Art section set up and working, adding more pictures as I go along.

Masks set up and working. Page to be uploaded this evening.

Media No media available to present.

Links database still not working, resorted to a manual link page. Awaiting links from owner. Links page to be uploaded this evening. Have added Kangena link to the page.

Apologies to Lex for the delay. wassat
12 Jan 2005 by Cenobite